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Mixed   Images   Gallery

Mixed Images Gallery is a retrospective of artwork of Lawrence E. Miller it spans over 10 years and shows several styles of work. Just click on the painting or stroll through the gallery. Gallery walls include didactic text and large images. See a recent review done by Dorian Grey of Twin Cities Revue of a show at Gus Lucky's where I recieved mention. Or a review of the same show by City Pages Click for the Revue Review

Now Open: Fragments installation piece

Notes: Artwork is for sale as originals you can contact me at mixed@ix.netcom.com for more info. Angular nature of some shots of artwork is do to lense used in camera, I left them that way to create wall images and protect the images from replication. Galleries interested in my work can request slides without this effect.

New Work:

Lens/ Smithsonian Stairway/ When Did It Happen?


How Do We

Make Our


About Life?


What is our

Relationship to

Our Society?


Mixed Media:

Man/ Goddess In A Forgotten Garden/ Careful, You May Get What You Ask For


Man Has to

Consider His

Relationship to



Must we destroy

to create?



Leaves/ Tribute to Egon/ Cubes


We Must See


We Must Learn

or We Are Dead


History Makes Us!

We Respond,

Or Not.



Alaskan Spring Dream/ Dreams

  • [ice]
  • [dreams]

  • Dreams Come and Go

    This You May

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