Lawrence E. Miller
  • 3016 Lynn ave S #1C
  • St. louis Pk., MN 55416
  • United States

  • S U M M A R Y

    A versatile artist that has explored and shown in several different 
    mediums including: photography, mixed media, painting, performance, 
    dance, essays and webpages.
    The last few years I have also been productive in the performance area. 
    Locations have included:  The Walker Art Center, Patrickís Cabaret, 
    Nobles Experimental Studio, Intermedia Arts, Ground Zero,
    Southern Theater and Steven Grandell's video productions.

    V I S U A L A R T S H I S T O R Y

    Mixed Media, Minnesota State Fair                               
    Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Center                           8/24-9/6/1999
    Mixed Media, Intermedia Arts                                    
    Minneapolis 55408                                               7/4-8/15/1999
    Involved                                                        12/10/98 to 1/17/99
    Minneapolis 55408                                               7/4-24/1998
    Mixed Media,Phipps Center for the Arts                          
    Members Show                                                    7/9-8/21/1999
    Members Show                                                    5/29-6/27/1998
    Mixed Media, Argyle Zebra (AZ)Gallery                           
    A Public Hanging                                                6/18-26/1999
    Mixed Media, Gus Lucky's                                        
    Salon 500                                                       4/17-5/22/1999
    Reviewed by  Twin Cities Revue & City Pages
    Installation/Nobles Experimental Studio                         
    Different Faces...Different Phases                              12/2/1997-1/3/1998
    Photography/Artbeat                                             Summer Edition 1997
    Photographs of Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education Retreat
    Photograph, Star Tribune					7/26/1996
    Photograph of band All the Pretty Horses in Local Music section.
    Photography/ Mixed Media, Katherine E. Nash Gallery		
    Artists Reclaim the Nash & Ladders & Carts			3/15-19/1993
    Art BECAUSE 1993						2/26-3/14/1993
    Photography/ Mixed Media, Coffman Memorial Gallery		
    Explore Assumptions					        3/1-26/1993
    Art is Out, Out is In						10/14-11/2/1992
    Art BECAUSE 1992 *Curator/Organizer			        1/27-3/18/1992
    Alternate Entry						        10/10-11/15/1991
    Photography, National Camera Exchange - Dinkytown		
    Pages of a book - In Concept *Mixed Media			10/1-31/1992
    Memories in Metal						9/1-10/31/1991
    Untitled Collection						8/1-78/31/1990
    Photography/ Mixed Media, Wilensky arts		
    Museworks							9/7-9/28/1991
    Photography, Banfill Locke Center for the Arts		
    Upstairs Gallery
    Memories in Metal						7/20-8/31/1991
    Untitled Collection						3/-5/1990	
    Memberís Juried Shows
    photography						        1991	
    Honorable Mention Photography				        1990
    *as North Suburban Center for the Arts
    Honorable Mention- photography				        1989
    acrylic							        1988
    Photography, Minneapolis Institute for the Arts		
    The Other Foot in the Door Show				        3/15-4/15/1990

    T E A C H I N G

    Directed Instruction/Teaching Assistant, 			Fall 1990
    University of Minnesota

    Samples of My Work

    Mixed Images Gallery:
    Fragments: Installation Piece
    Mixed Pics: Three types of Photography
    Resources & Counceling for the Arts:Webpage redesign, paid
    Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education: Webpage redesign, internship
    Lavender Bridge: Designed webpage, volunteer
    About the Artist: