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Mixed Fragments Gallery

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Fragments was shown at the Nobles Building at Metropolitan State University Dec. 97

  • The sky has a fractured rainbow, the rainbow has many meanings to me
  • 1. I love color
  • 2. The rainbow is attached to a religious and scientific truth. That God created the rainbow as an individual promise that we each see differently. I believe we all see right and wrong differently, we see a different rainbow because we can not be standing and looking at the exact same place at the exact moment in time. Note: I am not a religious man but seek truths where I can find them
  • 3. The rainbow is a symbol of equality between races and a symbol of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.
  • 4. As the rainbow goes from back to front, so goes the timeline of the piece

  • Note: The colors in the rainbow are reflected on the floor as well as I explore aspects of myself
  • The three areas highlighted above are paintings that relate to my development over time

  • From the corner is two people hauntingly looking out a window onto a landscape. The symbolism is to reflect the choices my parents made about life
  • Hanging above in the corner is "Carefull You May Get What You Asked For" a painting that symbolizes my religious stage and obsession with Revelations that I had at that time. Song to go with painting:"Fallen Angel by King Crimson"
  • Hanging far left upper, "Man" which has taken photographs largely from nature to create man as part of nature.
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